Does your soup burn your fingers? Try this:

When you’ve had a long day at work, and you just want to curl up on tbowl cozyhe couch with a hot bowl of soup, you want to be able to enjoy it without burning your fingers!  These Microwave Bowl Cozies! are amazing.

They come in several colors and patterns, and are designed to keep your hands from being burned on a hot bowl or mug.  Need a quick bowl of hot, satisfying oatmeal for breakfast?

Just put your oatmeal and water in a bowl, place it on one of your Microwave Bowl Cozies!, slide it into the microwave for a co15895555_10202531814693396_7187186450371613374_ouple of minutes, stir, and presto!  you’re ready for a quick breakfast, with no burned fingertips!

Are you looking forward to summer and cool dishes of ice cream,but don’t want it to melt too quickly or drip on your nice summer clothes?  They are helpful for catching those accidental drips off the spoon.

Oh, and these cozies are also great for ice cream, just ask my daughter!

Thanks for reading and we’ll talk soon!