Exciting news!!

Healthier Treats just got approved with a light use commercial kitchen in my own house! We’ve been working on this slowly, for four years now, and we are so excited to upgrade from the cottage food license.

We are now able to provide special recipe requests, in addition to our original recipe list. Please contact us here, or on Facebook with any questions.

We still will use only the most natural and healthier ingredients that we can source as locally as possible.

Also, we are now allowed to ship baked goods, as well as cross state lines!

Updated Website and 2019 Farmer’s Market Season Announcement!!

Greetings from Highland Springs Creatives!

We’ve had a super busy and fun first summer in business~~Every Monday at the Hillyard Farmer’s Market (Market and Queen, Spokane), several times filling in at the Emerson-Garfield Farmer’s Market (on N Monroe, Spokane), and finishing out the summer season at Sunset Orchard on Green Bluff!!

We’re looking at different venues throughout the winter, but we want to let you know immediately that there will be a new Farmer’s Market (website coming soon) in Spokane Valley for the 2019 Summer Season, and we will be there!!  Whoop!!  This market will be on Friday evenings, location to be announced after details are finalized.  We will also still be at the Hillyard Farmer’s Market every Monday for the 2019 season.

If you have any suggestions for recipes, now’s the time to let us know, so that we can try them out and see if they’ll be a good fit for our recipe list.

Also, we’ve updated our website to include product/price lists for our Healthier Treats, so scout out the menu bar and take a look.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Here’s a look back at our exciting first year:

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Healthy Munchy Treats Coming Soon!

I’m so excited!  My application packet has been accepted in Olympia for the Cottage Food License.  Now I wait for them to completely process it, making sure everything on my recipe/ingredients/label listings are all good.  This process should take about 4 – 6 weeks.

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I’ve also applied to be a  vendor at the Liberty Lake Farmer’s Market this year, so please join me in praying for God’s will to be done in deciding my set-up venue!

I will have treats for sale locally, and my website will be updated for online sales, as soon as I get the license.  I will not be able to ship food items, but you can buy online, and we can arrange local delivery/pick-up of your yummy (and yet still healthier) baked goods.

With whole wheat flour, raw sugar, several KETO-friendly and gluten-free choices, and as many organics ingredients as possible, you will be able to find something at Highland Springs Creatives that is good to enjoy, without feeling the guilt of consuming over-processed, non-nutritional snacks that are not good for you.