Microwave bowl cozies!

Dontcha hate it when you want to curl up in the easy chair with your bowl/mug of hot soup and the bowl is so hot that you burn your fingers?  So you try to get a hot pad, but they just don’t curve to the shape of the bowl.  Then you try a towel, but it’s just too messy!!

You need a microwave safe bowl cozy!  They’re handmade with love, out of 100% cotton materials (even the thread).  They’re safe to use in the microwave (but not intended for extended/improper use, since they’re not *nonflammable*) for reheating that bowl of soup or oatmeal, or that mug of coffee or tea.

It’s a hot pad that’s curved to fit the shape of your bowl or mug.  We have a multitude of colors/patterns, and are willing to do custom orders (extra cost may incur if the fabric you want is extra expensive).  Please see Product Lists and Shopping Page for purchasing.17310252_10202829439333826_9137801410029688306_o17359014_10202829439893840_6869329642928289436_o17359094_10202829446734011_1461774471577040399_o17359271_10202829441133871_8521302238812615944_o