Updated Website and 2019 Farmer’s Market Season Announcement!!

Greetings from Highland Springs Creatives!

We’ve had a super busy and fun first summer in business~~Every Monday at the Hillyard Farmer’s Market (Market and Queen, Spokane), several times filling in at the Emerson-Garfield Farmer’s Market (on N Monroe, Spokane), and finishing out the summer season at Sunset Orchard on Green Bluff!!

We’re looking at different venues throughout the winter, but we want to let you know immediately that there will be a new Farmer’s Market (website coming soon) in Spokane Valley for the 2019 Summer Season, and we will be there!!  Whoop!!  This market will be on Friday evenings, location to be announced after details are finalized.  We will also still be at the Hillyard Farmer’s Market every Monday for the 2019 season.

If you have any suggestions for recipes, now’s the time to let us know, so that we can try them out and see if they’ll be a good fit for our recipe list.

Also, we’ve updated our website to include product/price lists for our Healthier Treats, so scout out the menu bar and take a look.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Here’s a look back at our exciting first year:

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Are you tough?  18358907_10203051390602469_7885876685488377596_o

Do you do strenuous work in the yard/garden?       I like to think that I’m tough….working hard, sweating, getting dirty, using tools to turn chaos into beauty, things like that.18446641_10203068250623959_2686281510627839888_n

But I have to say, after I’m finished with a project 17807457_10202927019253263_5606802821279390424_o(or have spent several hours working on a project) my hands can be in pretty rough shape, and I don’t feel quite so tough!

That’s why I created my original hand lotion called Aloe Soother.  It’s made from all things healing.

Unlike other brands of hand/body lotion, I believe that quality is better than quantity.  Since water actually dries out your skin, I use 100% Aloe Vera Juice for my liquid–75% of the lotion is Aloe Vera Juice (almost every other hand/body lotion uses distilled water as the liquid base)!!  With this naturally healing liquid, I combine Olive Oil and Shea Butter, which are also healing and soothing.  I add 12694999_10201224647975045_1234085071752371184_oEssential Oils of Lavender and Tea Tree for nature’s natural antiseptic properties, for the ultimate soothing hand and body treatment!!

We recognize that not everyone enjoys Tea Tree and Lavender, so other fragrances and Essential Oils are available.  The main ingredients of Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera Juice remain the same and are still soothing, yet with more variety of fragrance for the olfactory senses.

Please use the links to order on our Product Lists and Shopping Page, or Contact if you have questions.

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Spring is when the trees start leafing, the grass starts growing, th20170406_214642e flowers start blooming, the bugs start flying, and soon the caterpillars will be crawling and cocooning, getting ready to morph into beautiful butterflies!Resized_20170406_214758

But you don’t have to patiently wait until the real live butterflies come to your yard, to enjoy the their beauty–We have three different patterns of Microwave Bowl Cozies that embrace the different themes of these lovely 20170406_214652butterflies!

Warning: These are definitely not your traditional Monarch butterfly colors…


You can enjoy a softer, muted pattern, featuring purples, grays, and yellows; a sparkly pastel pattern with greens, pinks, yellow and more purples; and a Parisian chic pattern in pinks and grays!




Head on over to our Product Lists and Shopping Page to order one or more of these pretty patterns!

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Do you Facebook? (or do you face-plant?)

While some of us tend more toward face-planting, especially when it’s wet and slippery outside (follow links for our family’s personal examples: Click Here), others of us do enjoy social media sites like Facebook.  Highland Springs Creatives is excited to launch our new Facebook Page Click Here!

Go on, check it out–it’ll just take a few minutes, and if you would please “like” the page, share with friends and ask them to “like” the page, we would be grateful.  Then you can come on back, and look through our site again.

Do you have topic ideas or have questions about products?  Please go to the Contact page and leave a message.  I’d love to hear from you!

Spring is Springing! Time for yard work!


If you feel like you’ve been cooped up all winter, and are tired of the snow

Mock Orange in bloom in Spring!

….it’s time to rejoice!

Spring is here, and while the overnight lows may yet get cold, now is the moment to get outside and get to work.  You can plant your cold weather seeds (like broccoli) indoors, as well as some of the longer-germinating warm weather seeds (think ripe, fresh tomatoes on a 1/3lb burger you just grilled outside).

In another couple of weeks, you might even be able to get away with planting some cold weather things outside.

A happy little worm I found!

It’s also time for outside work, like raking, freshening up garden spaces, fluffing up the soil in your pots, etc., to get ready for planting in a few weeks.  After you’ve worked hard with shovels and rakes, whether you wear gloves or not (I rarely do!), your hands will be rough and you’ll want to give them some TLC.

A soothing self-massage with our Gardener’s Soothing lotions will help ease the stiffness, as well as moisturize and freshen your skin.  See our Gardener’s Soothing Products! page for more information and the ordering link.

Happy gardening!!