Newly Licensed!

20190125_200101Because of moving into a new home in the next few weeks (or so), we did not renew our Cottage Food License.  15382469847471804969472HOWEVER, we just today were signed off on our Food Processor License, which means we’ll using a commercial kitchen, and will be able to sell wholesale!

So, if you know of a coffee stand, restaurant, etc., at which you would like to see our Healthier Treats, get in touch with us, talk to them, etc., and we’ll try to make it work!

And remember………………………………………………

we’re starting the 2019 Farmer’s Market Season on Monday at the Hillyard Farmer’s Market (Queen and Market in Spokane) from 3 – 7pm, and next Friday at the Spokane Valley Farmer’s Market (at Discovery Park by the Valley YMCA off Indiana/Pines) from 5 – 8ish pm!

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