Wild Blackberry Jam




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Nothing beats the super amazing taste of jam made from Wild Blackberries!20180825_110833

Although sometimes the journey is a little challenging (including driving several hours away, fighting off Wild Territorial Spiders that don’t want to share, as well as Wild Blackberry Vines with Wild Blackberry Thorns that reach out and scrape up your legs, arms, feet, hair, etc!),20180824_134557 it is totally worth it to get that that fresh, wild blackberry flavor that just can’t be beat!

Except maybe by wild huckleberries, but even then I have to go with the blackberries…20180824_132139

This jam is available for purchase by contacting me to meet up locally, or by coming to see me at the Hillyard Farmer’s Market on Queen and Market in Spokane!

Our Wild Blackberry Jam sells for only $8 for an 8oz jar…20180825_130413

….while supplies last.

Stock up to enjoy that fresh wild summer taste 20180825_130358 throughout the cold, dark winter.

(By the way, we still have 8oz blueberry and peach jams for just $5 a jar!)

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