Show some love!!

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and we all know what that means….

Wait, do we?  Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has been for celebrating romantic love, but there’s so much more than that!  Love God, love your family, love your neighbors, and you can love yourself, too!  Show your love for others by spoiling them just a little bit over the next few weeks.

Did you know that loving gifts can be practical?  Thick, soothing hand and body creams are an indulgence that’s also good for your skin!  12694999_10201224647975045_1234085071752371184_o

Fun microwave bowl cozies in colorful prints are also a great way to say “I love you!”  No more burned fingers while pulling bowls out of the microwave!

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Check out our Product Lists and Shopping Page to get ideas and place your orders for Valentine’s Day, no matter who your special someone is!

(Of course, we also welcome special requests!)

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