Are you tough?  18358907_10203051390602469_7885876685488377596_o

Do you do strenuous work in the yard/garden?       I like to think that I’m tough….working hard, sweating, getting dirty, using tools to turn chaos into beauty, things like that.18446641_10203068250623959_2686281510627839888_n

But I have to say, after I’m finished with a project 17807457_10202927019253263_5606802821279390424_o(or have spent several hours working on a project) my hands can be in pretty rough shape, and I don’t feel quite so tough!

That’s why I created my original hand lotion called Aloe Soother.  It’s made from all things healing.

Unlike other brands of hand/body lotion, I believe that quality is better than quantity.  Since water actually dries out your skin, I use 100% Aloe Vera Juice for my liquid–75% of the lotion is Aloe Vera Juice (almost every other hand/body lotion uses distilled water as the liquid base)!!  With this naturally healing liquid, I combine Olive Oil and Shea Butter, which are also healing and soothing.  I add 12694999_10201224647975045_1234085071752371184_oEssential Oils of Lavender and Tea Tree for nature’s natural antiseptic properties, for the ultimate soothing hand and body treatment!!

We recognize that not everyone enjoys Tea Tree and Lavender, so other fragrances and Essential Oils are available.  The main ingredients of Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera Juice remain the same and are still soothing, yet with more variety of fragrance for the olfactory senses.

Please use the links to order on our Product Lists and Shopping Page, or Contact if you have questions.

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