National Siblings Day: for better for worse

Mom likes *ME* best!

Caution:  This post will be a little sappy.

I love my brothers and my sister!  Growing up I didn’t know my older siblings well, since they had a different mom, but the times we did spend together were awesome.  I know I was the little half-sister, and was just as cute and adorable as could be.

However, my little brother was just an extremely obnoxious pest.  He got into my stuff, and tagged after me and was just as gross and annoying as he could possibly be.  Until we both grew up.

Perspective is a life-changer.  Going back to when I was the little baby sister, I was just cute and adorable and certainly NOT gross or annoying in any way, right?  Wrong.  T and S loved me, but I was the little annoying one who wanted all the attention and bugged them until I got it.  My little brother was DEFINITELY the gross and annoying one, right?  Wrong.  He was the little one who wanted attention from his big sister, and he didn’t get it, because my perspective was all wrong.

Fast forward a dozen or so years.  I left for college, and when I got back, all of a sudden I realized that Tryg was the cool one that went out with his cool friends and had adventures (some of them more hair-raising than others!), and whom people liked, and I was still the bookworm, geeky, loner big sister.  I really didn’t know what had happened!

Fast forward again to current time.  My older siblings and I have reconnected after several years through Facebook, and while we’re on different paths, we do love each other, and have had some great talks that have put the past into a better viewpoint.

One of these days, I’ll have some totally crazy adventures like

It’s Poppin’ Kettle Korn!!

Tryg (whose family runs
an aMAZing kettle corn business by the way: check out It’s Poppin’ Kettle Korn)!!

For now, I have learned more how to be a friend and I have found my place, with my small adventures and I’m okay with that, because it’s where God has me to be for this part of my life.  Tryg is still an amazing ,awesome brother who is going out and having big adventures with his wonderful family.  I pray that he understands how much I appreciate and look up to him.

Happy National Siblings Day!

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