Spring is Springing! Time for yard work!


If you feel like you’ve been cooped up all winter, and are tired of the snow

Mock Orange in bloom in Spring!

….it’s time to rejoice!

Spring is here, and while the overnight lows may yet get cold, now is the moment to get outside and get to work.  You can plant your cold weather seeds (like broccoli) indoors, as well as some of the longer-germinating warm weather seeds (think ripe, fresh tomatoes on a 1/3lb burger you just grilled outside).

In another couple of weeks, you might even be able to get away with planting some cold weather things outside.

A happy little worm I found!

It’s also time for outside work, like raking, freshening up garden spaces, fluffing up the soil in your pots, etc., to get ready for planting in a few weeks.  After you’ve worked hard with shovels and rakes, whether you wear gloves or not (I rarely do!), your hands will be rough and you’ll want to give them some TLC.

A soothing self-massage with our Gardener’s Soothing lotions will help ease the stiffness, as well as moisturize and freshen your skin.  See our Gardener’s Soothing Products! page for more information and the ordering link.

Happy gardening!!

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